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About Pilates

 ​Pilates is a safe form of low impact exercise which is suitable for everyone. It is a method of movement and exercise that works both mind and body, focusing on the use of alignment, breathing and deep core muscles to improve strength, mobility, flexibility and balance. Some of the benefits of practising Pilates are: ​​

  • Increases core strength & stability 

  • Increases mobility & flexibility

  • Improves posture

  • Increases body awareness           

  • Helps to relieve stress & tension

  • Increases body awareness               

  • Promotes freedom of movement       

  • Helps to relieve aches and pains

Rolling Yoga Mat


Each class offers a 60 minute balanced workout mobilising the whole body. Class numbers are limited to 12, offering a high level of attention to each member allowing for progression.

Beginner class

Beginner classes focus on the fundamentals of Pilates and are designed to introduce you to the basic exercises. These classes are at a slower pace to give time to master the movements and understand the concept of Pilates.

Intermediate class

Intermediate classes are for clients with experience of Pilates. The classes include more advanced exercises and flow at a quicker pace. 

Bone Health class

Bone Health classes focus on working to maintain bone density, improve balance, core strength and posture. All exercises included are suitable for those with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia. 



Beginner class - 7pm at St Leonards village hall


Intermediate class - 10am on Zoom

Beginner class - 7pm at Fordingbridge Junior School hall


Intermediate class - 9am at St Leonards village hall

Beginner/improver class - 10.15am at St Leonards village hall

Intermediate class - 11.30am at St Leonards village hall


Intermediate class - 9.20am at St Leonards village hall

Beginner class - 10.30am at St Leonards village hall

Bone Health/Gentle class - 11.40am at St Leonards village hall


Classes run in school term time, blocks of classes vary between 6-8 weeks in duration.

Classes are £12 per class

Beginner workshops are £20 for 90 minutes

One to one tuition is £50 for 60 minutes




Classes take place in two locations:

St Leonard’s and St Ives village hall:

Braeside Road, St Leonards, BH24 2NA

Fordingbridge Junior School:

Penny's Lane, Fordingbridge, SP6 1HJ

About me


Movement & exercise have always been a huge part of my life, mainly through dance and yoga, before discovering the benefits of Pilates! After having a family, I decided to make the change to a career in movement. I chose to train with Body Control Pilates who are Europe’s leading Pilates organisation. I am now excited to share what I love about Pilates with clients - the joy of movement and feeling good!​

Qualifications held & certified through Body Control Pilates:

Level 3 Matwork 

Intermediate Matwork

Pilates for Bone Health



If you are interested in joining a class or would like more information please get in touch!

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